Microsoft Outlook

Courses available in Microsoft Outlook

This course aims to provide users with a solid foundation in the key functionalities of Microsoft Outlook.

Intended Audience

Suitable for anyone who may need to use Microsoft Outlook in a business environment, those transitioning from earlier versions of Outlook, self-taught users who are looking to fill in knowledge gaps and those looking to either return to the workforce or those exploring new employment opportunities.


It is expected that participants will be familiar with using the basic functions of a computer such as navigating the Windows environment, operating a mouse and keyboard, navigating folders and copying and pasting objects. If you don't already have these skills taking a course in Computer Basics first would be recommended.

Delivery Style

Training is delivered as instructor-led computer-based training in a computer lab to individuals or small groups. Participants will have dedicated access to a modern computer with a large monitor and access to various assistive technologies such as sit stand desks, microdesks and a range of input devices to ensure comfort. Course materials are based on real world examples in a New Zealand context

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this training participants should be able to:

  • Work with the basic features of Outlook
  • Create and send email messages efficiently
  • Create and apply rules to manage email messages
  • Organise and manage email messages using mail folders, flags, reminders and categories
  • Use the search feature to locate various Outlook items
  • Schedule meetings and appointments
  • Work with shared calendars
  • Create and manage tasks
  • Create and maintaim contact lists
  • Work efficiently by using Outlook's time saving features and shortcuts

Other Training Available