Other Training Options

In the workplace there is often particular knowledge, skills and abilities required for employees to be able to perform their roles. A training needs analysis can assess whether current skill levels meet the required baseline competency and if not, will identify any skill gaps where training interventions may be useful. Our training needs analysis is typically a 1-hour diagnostic assessment which includes a brief background interview and a series of practical tasks to be completed. On completion of the appointment a comprehensive report will be compiled from the results of the assessment and a tailored plan to address any skill gaps will be built. Contact us now for further information or to request a referral form.

Opportunities for further learning across a variety of topics for, personal satisfaction through to subjects with qualifications attached to enhance career prospects are widely available. However, a large number of these courses are becoming increasingly accessible in an online environment only and may create some challenges for adult learners. Learning online effectively requires students to be active learners, but often adult learners, particularly low-skilled adults and those with learning challenges, are not prepared for this type of learning. At Computer Tutors, we recognise these challenges and can offer a range of support, coaching and assistance with recommending assistive technologies to help adult learners achieve their goals. Contact us now to discuss your specific needs and how we may best support you.

We can help you get the most out of your smartphone or tablet by setting the device up correctly, troubleshooting and providing training in the features you will need to use. Contact us now for more information.

Learn how to create and use a Facebook page including personal and business pages and using the privacy settings and messaging features effectively. Instagram is a popular social media app for sharing photos and videos and we can show you how to navigate this app for personal use as well as how to use it effectively as part of a business social media approach. Contact us now for more information.

If you are still using a whiteboard and post-it notes to organise your workflow it may be time to ditch the physical board and have a look at a digital version. Kanban boards are accessed online and can be used by all team members which often fosters greater levels of communication and collaboration on tasks. Whether your teams are physically located in the same building or working remotely everybody can still be involved with all aspects of a project and you can run multiple boards simultaneously. A Kanban board is beneficial for any processes that involve multiple steps from inception to completion. Boards are used in a wide range of industries for tasks such as onboarding new employees, sales pipelines, project management, engineering and manufacturing processes, software development, marketing campaigns and many more. Contact us now for more information on streamling your business processes in a visual manner.

Whether you’re looking for a video calling solution to connect with family and friends, work remotely or have a video job interview there’s a large number of applications available to choose from and making the right choice can be a confusing process. We can help you select the best app for your particular circumstances and make sure you can use the app to communicate effectively. Contact us now for more information on selecting and using video calling apps.

Buying a new computer is an exciting process but frustration can quickly set in when you unbox the device and realise you must set it up before you can use it. Let us remove the headache for you by setting up the device, installing any relevant software and making sure it is all set to go when you turn it on.

If your computer’s operating system is Windows 7 or 8 and your hardware specifications meet the minimum requirements we can update your operating system to Windows 10.

If your computer is behaving strangely or you’re noticing annoying popups you may have a virus, or some unnecessary software installed which is causing the problems. Let us find and fix the problem for you and make recommendations for protecting your computer in the future. Contact us now for more information on malware removal.


Other Training Available